"Monowheels Draw attention, crowds and questions where ever they go"

Tom 'The Atom' Anable can perform monowheel riding displays and stunts.

Monowheel riding displays draw then entertain crowds due to the uniquness of the machines, stunts and riding style...

 its simply something people havent seen before!  

Tom Anable and his monowheels are avaliable to hire for riding displays, stunt shows and static displays.

A unique attraction for your events, shows, product or buissness.  

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"Tom 'The Atom' Anable to attempt the World Monowheel Landspeed Record"

The Current Guinness World Record for Fastest Monowheel Motorcycle is held by Kevin Scott of the UK with a topspeed of 61.2mph in 2015.

On the 20th and 21st of May 2017 Atom Anable will attempt to break this record at Elvington Airfield York

Riding a New Monowheel "An Atomic Infinity" with sponsorship from INFINITY MOTORCYCLES 

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est 2007


"The British Monowheel Assocation is born"

Seven men met on an airfield in yorkshire with 4 monowheels they had been working on for years...


Working seperatly in sheds all over England they came together to pitch their nerve, machines and ideas against each other. 


They were:

  • Tom Anable
  • Dave Southall
  • UK Monowheel Team  (Kevin Scott, Tim Mann, Peter Kay, Peter Orton)

The First Offical British Monowheel Association Meeting will take place on 19th and 20th of August 2017 at Elvington Airfield Yorkshire. Join the group for further information.

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