Builders of Engine Powered Monowheels and Pedal Powered Monocycles.

Est. 2007

Tom 'The Atom' Anable

Is a previous British Monowheel top speed record holder. A Monowheel display and stunt rider. The designer builder and engineer of all his own machines.  

He has featured in local press newspapers, Street fighters magazine, Custom Car magazine, Classic Racer magazine, Performance VW, The Landspeed Record Club magazine 'fastfacts' and ITV news. 

2014 winner of the Wheel Whores 'Best Wheels' trophy. 

The 37 year old Monowheel builder and rider has been working on these machines for the past fourteen years after a university project got out of control. 

Born and based in Lincolnshire England he has hand built all his machines in a workshop behind his house. Testing of these machines has took place in the field next door, like all good inventions!

Self taught in the art/science of monowheel design and riding he now competes at top speed straightliners events at airfields across the country.  

Along with 1/4 mile drag racing at drag strips. 

Performing riding displays and monowheel tricks/ stunts at various shows, stunt events and car/ bike nights throughout the year. Including the recent children in need carfest events. 

Having learned the art of riding monowheels on grass, he then went on to tarmac and sand.

Tom can also be seen riding pedal powered monocycles around the streets and roads of his local villiage winterton.

His Mission is to keep pushing forward the performance, develpment and popluarity of these single wheeled vehicles to the NEXT LEVEL...

Tom will be competing in Straightliners Topspeed, Drag and Drift Events... 



With Sponsorship from Infinity Motorcycles to attempt to break the Guinness Worlds Fastest Monowheel Motorcycle Record...



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